13th December 2019

The NVCOP – previously known as the Nene Valley Churches Organs Project, but renamed Northamptonshire Village Churches’ Organ Project in response to expanding its remit – was founded in 2003 in response to the need of village churches for help in maintaining and refurbishing their pipe organs. It was the idea of James Parsons, founder of Oundle International Festival and for 25 years director of its Oundle for Organists’ educational programme.

It is managed by a small group of dedicated Trustees and its Organ Director.  

It offers any village church community in Northamptonshire:

  • professional impartial and free consultancy
  • technical advice and assistance with preparing a specification for work on a pipe organ
  • search services to find suitable redundant organs for relocation – an arrangement frequently more cost-effective than major restoration
  • advice and assistance with fundraising
  • modest grants as seed corn funding 
  • a commissioning visit to determine that work completed has been carried out to a satisfactory standard and to specification