13th July 2016

ST james the great thurning1

remade organ in striking Victorian case thanks to design and fundraising led by NVCOP

rich musical colours chime with Arts & Crafts artefacts


The original Miller organ, made c.1900 within a swallow’s-nest case, was, by the Millennium, hardly playable.

Now remade as a well-resourced one-manual-and-pedal instrument, it speaks with an engaging musical personality.

Dividing some ranks (treble/ bass) enhances versatility.

NVCOP energised this project and sourced significant funds, boosted by the PCC’s own vigorous campaign – a remarkable achievement for a tiny hamlet!




St James the Great, Thurning – organ

made c.1900 by Miller of Cambridge

remade 2011, incorporating new material, by Bower & Company

8 stops


8’ Open Diapason (divided)

8’ Stopped Diapason/ Clarabel

8’ Gamba

8’ Voix Céleste

4’ Principal (divided)

4’ Flute/ Harmonic Flute (divided)

2’ Piccolo/ Harmonic Piccolo (divided)


16’ Bass


Manual/ Pedal

mechanical action to keys, pedals and drawstops